Colours part 1
Colours part 1 stories

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A story about a highschool student having trouble finding his way around life. He then meets a girl online who guides him around his life...

Colours part 1

"I'm weak! what else you want to hear from me, I've been living in depress, nobody in the world appreciates people who can really think!"

This was the scream of my heart, when I lost my way of life, all this time I've been praised about my writing skills in class,

but all I get was jealousy and hatred from those who aren't born with a gift.

This all started 3 years ago when I joined my middle school, All I thought was a simple international school full of great people.

"That guy is weird", "How come he became our class representative", "He's the worst guy"... All these criticism that I had been hearing all these time, I cannot stand it anymore.

Until one day, I met a girl online but in reality she's one of the smartest girl in my school, she was really kind and I've never felt such warmth in my life up till the time I chatted with her.

We chatted for weeks, we shared all kinds of things in our life, I never though I can find a bosom friend.

She told me that she likes to write stories as well, I was thrilled when I see the message, we continue chatting about our interest, we both shared a lot of them together.

2 weeks passed, I no longer have to courage to ask her things anymore, I feel like I was stopping the progression of her life,

I feel like a guy from classes that are way behind shouldn't be talking with a "Goddess" from the front classes, I feel like I'm the weakest man on Earth.

So I buried my true feelings and put on a mask like I always do around my friends, and I always smiled around them, I felt really tired.

After thinking for along time, I thought that she was the colours to my world of black and white.

In my dreams she was the girl who danced in the gardens with flower petals of any colours flying around and the cool breeze that brush my face the warmth orange sunlight,

she turned around with her long silky black hair and her beautiful gothic dress, she then smiled at me. I could hear her say , "I never felt like anyone in the world knows me like how you did."

*To Be continued*

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