Don't worry,I won't
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A list of things I hate about you.

Don't worry,I won't

The first time you said it to me I rolled my eyes to the back of my head.

You warned me not to fall in love with you.

You told me people keep falling for you and that just makes your life harder.

And I thought to myself

"Why would I fall in love with you?Why would anyone fall in love with you?"

Because have you seen yourself?

You're average looking at best.

Your hair is always a mess.

You always do what you want without caring about anyone or anything.

Sometimes your aloof and sometimes you forget what personal space is.

Your always listening to old bands and artists.

You keep yourself knee deep in anime.

You love drinking coffee alone with a book.

It feels like you finish a new book everyday.

Every night you tell me all about what you did that day.

And when I'm with you I don't need a reason to be happy,I just am.

So tell me

Why wouldn't I fall in love with you?Why wouldn't anyone fall in love with you?

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