The Fallen
The Fallen lost-love stories
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lostsoulmatesLet Me Smile for you....................
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Every day an angel falls. Every day an angel days, and every day another angel is killed by 'love'.

The Fallen

by lostsoulmates


I have fallen, I have swam, I have walked, I have ran. I have screamed, I have yelled, I cried until My voice expelled. I had fallen, I had loved, But now my heart is left cold, And I have none.


It looked at me and laughed, It torn me like an old photograph, It burned me, It scarred me, It healed me, It left. And then it came back, And now I am the past.

Broken heart

I tried to swim, But there was no water, I tried to fly, But there was no air. I tried to burn, But there was no flame. I tried to love But I forgot, No one would love something Without a heart.


Broken wings, Blacked eyes, Angels falling, All shall die. Cut skin, Bruised thighs, Warm heart, Empty eyes, Loving soul, Broken mind, Dark past. Left behind. Fallen angel, Bane of mankind.

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Dear Miss Melody
Hope you enjoy this little poem :)

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very well written!!