Empty Road
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Empty Road

by lostliz

There' something about an empty road at night

It's just you, the dark sky, and the stars

In the background

is your favorite song in the moment playing

Maybe the perfect soundtrack for the very moment

Windows down,

all you see ahead is the empty road you're driving on and the street lights.

For a moment no one and nothing else exists

It's your world

I'm alone

but at peace

Alone in the car, but surrounded by so many stars

These stars act like eyes watching down at me. They know what I'm doing

Here comes the best part of the song

I turn up the volume and feel alive

My money flying out the window in ashes

It's okay, no one's around

There's something about being in a car at night

with the windows down, driving on a long empty road

The wind is so loud the faster I go

that I can't even hear my own thoughts

My own head betraying me

The quietness outside calms me

but the loudness of the wind protects me

And I go on

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