He needs her II Doctor and Rose II Oneshot
He needs her II Doctor and Rose II Oneshot rosetyler stories

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A 10 & Rose Oneshot that takes place after the Satan Pit. The Doctor is reminded how much he needs Rose, and a few words are said.

He needs her II Doctor and Rose II Oneshot

Just Rose Tyler and the Doctor, in the Tardis, like it should be. He wasn’t even sure where their next destination was, where they were next set to go.

That was something he had never worried about in his hundreds of years of time travel; their next destination. The Tardis had always taken them where they needed to be.

But the Doctor couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious about what was thrown at them next…...for Rose’s safety. Maybe she really wasn’t safe with him.

He and Rose had quite nearly lost each other just a couple of hours ago.


He couldn’t even think about losing her.

He needed her.

And today was a day that made him realize how much he actually did need her.

“Tea?” Rose’s voice echoed through the console room, her head tilted slightly to the left with a grin plastered on her face, her hands holding two steamy hot cups of tea.

“Tea!” The Doctor echoed her expression, his face lit up, his eyes smiling.

“You know that’s why I have always loved the British! No sorry, the people of Britain! They can always make a good steaming cup of tea, if all else fails, count on tea!

I mean the guy who invented tea in the first place, erm…” He scrunched his face up, trying to locate the name that was drifting at the top of his head.

“Ah!” The Doctors voice rose a significant number of decibels, making Rose jump slightly, spilling some of the tea.

“Shen Nung!” That’s right.

Genius! Wasn't it just fate that a green leaf just had to find its way into a pot of boiling water?” His hands were practically flying everywhere, only trying to express his excitement.

He strode over to Rose, hands deep in the soft pockets of his attractive jacket, a charming smile crossing his face.

Rose was beaming at the Doctor, she loved it when he got excited and particularly when he finished his own sentences.

Rose stretched out her arm with the Doctors cup of tea, watching him as he removed his hands from his pockets and eagerly took the cup of tea.

“Thank you” His voice had softened, his brown eyes studying her hazel eyes, but only momentarily, as he quickly took a sip of his tea, the warm contents sliding down his throat.

“But” He briefly looked up, as if he was debating whether to spill his sentence. “Some tea makers” He nodded towards Rose. “Are better than others”

“Oi, do you mean my mother?” Rose nibbled her lip, trying to fight a laugh.

“Oh, I dunno” He half rolled his eyes, giving off a smirk.

Rose smiled down into her tea, if her mother was here she would give him a good old slap.

The Doctor tipped his mug up, letting the last of his tea dribble into his mouth.

He smacked his lips. “That’s some good tea there, Rose Tyler” He made a clicking sound with his mouth.

His attention quickly shifted, as he looked down into his cup, an eyebrow rising.

“Rose is that my Tardis at the bottom of this mug?” His confused eyes met Rose’s gaze.

“Could be, I dunno”

Rose returned the same expression that the Doctor had earlier given her when he had spoken of her mother’s tea making skills.

“I see what you did there.” The Doctor was intrigued.

“No but seriously, how?”

“Oh, stop it. Do you really think that in the hundreds of planets and places you have visited, no one is going to notice your big blue box?” Rose stretched the last three words out.

The Doctor stared at her, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Oh fine” Her shoulders sagged slightly, “I got it from a little corner store back in London when I went to see mum.

Turns out the guy has lots of Tardis things, but these mugs are pretty cool don’t ya think?”

The Doctor was beaming, “I think its brilliant!” He threw his mug up in the air, catching it just before it fell. “I’m going to keep this, thank you, Rose”.

Rose nodded, a partially forced smile taking refuge on her lips. However, the Doctor instantly caught on.

Rose's mood could shift incredibly easily, and it was usually when something was really bothering her. He studied her face, waiting for her to say something.

She was brooding, her facial expressions were all that the Doctor needed to know that something was bothering her.

“Doctor?” Her expression was damp, a small frown now on her lips.

The Doctors face slackened; his brow's furrowed “Yes?”

He too, put his mug down.


She tried to swallow the lump in her throat.

It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Tears brewed in her eyes, threatening to spill.

“Oh Rose” He pulled her into a tight hug, resting his chin on her shoulder.

“Same old life? Right? You don’t need me, you are Rose Tyler-"

“I do need you. You, you are my life, Doctor”

Those words sunk right into the Doctor, pulling at his heartstrings as if they were nothing.

“Oh Rose” He murmured softly into her shoulder.

Rose pulled out of the hug, resting her hands on his shoulders, her eyes softening as she stared straight into his eyes.

“Without you, my life would never be the same. It really wouldn’t……I-"

Rose pressed her lips tightly together, blinking a couple of times to flush the cold tears out of her eyes.

She couldn’t say it, but the Doctor could see it in her eyes, he always could, he had always known.

He tucked a strand of her soft blonde hair behind her ear, “No need to cry, I’m here, fully here, you see?” He tried to lighten the mood.

“I was so scared of losing you” She admitted, her eyes downcast, brushing away the Doctors attempt of cheering her up.

“I know.” His voice was nothing more than a soft whisper. "I was too, I thought I had lost you....."

He pulled her into a hug again, but this time didn’t let her out of it for a few ongoing minutes.

This hug was sitting in the middle of 'We need each other' and 'I won’t let it happen again'

“Now, Rose Tyler” He stepped out of the hug, giving her his hand.

“Let's go to the library, eh? Sound good? We could…Oh, who knows?

Find some hidden, perhaps even forgotten moment in History that might interest the Rose Tyler” He exaggerated her name, his eyes smiling.


Rose blinked, a dried tear resting on her cheek as she squeezed his hand, returning his smile.

“That sounds great, but, I bet I can find an int-er-esting moment in History faster than you can” She teased him, a playful tone sketching her voice.

“Ah really” The Doctor cocked an eyebrow. “You, Rose Tyler, thinks she can bet a Timelord, which I might add is over 900 years old, at finding something in a History book?”

“You betcha” She grinned, nudging the Doctors shoulder.

“Well then, Allony-s!”

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