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lostinmydreamsDelving deeper into the unknown
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by LostInMyDreams

"I hear you, but I don't know what you are saying. Are you talking to me? Am I even supposed to know what you are saying?"

Left in the dark. I am out of the loop.

" I hear you, but I don't know what you are saying."

I can hear a voice out in the distance speaking softly. I get closer and try to find out who is speaking and what he or she is saying.

"Where are you? Who are you? I hear you, but I don't know what you are saying."

All of this time I thought I was here alone. Only to find out someone else is present.

I walk the rows between the headstones in the direction of the faint voice. My curiosity is definitely getting the best of me.

"Who could it be? Who is this voice talking to?"

It is difficult to make out anything in this dark hazy cemetery. I continue to follow the voice as it becomes slightly understandable as I approach it.

I can't see anyone yet.

Nothing. Not even a shadow.

I am now upon the voice.

There is no one there.

Just a whisper.

"I hear you, and I know what you are saying."

"Please come visit me. I am lonely."

These are the words of the whisper.

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