Life Lesson: Try Not to Lose What is Hard to Find
Life Lesson: Try Not to Lose What is Hard to Find
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Life Lesson: Try Not to Lose What is Hard to Find

by LostInMyDreams

I hate when I lose things. Especially when it is something that is hard to find once it is lost.

Things, I can honestly say I don’t lose things too often. My brain is pretty good at keeping up with things,

but what it struggles with are my emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

I seem to lose my temper, my mind, my train of thought, my way, my patience, and my confidence without blinking!

And of course those are the things that seem like only Jesus Himself can return to me. I can't ever seem to find them on my own!

I know each of these "losses" are all a matter of changing my habits and my perception. I'm working on that.

It's just the one that seems out of reach is my confidence. I can't even backtrack my steps to figure out exactly where I lost it!

I know the loss of my confidence was a long gradual process, and it will be a long gradual process to get it back.

This journey to rebuild myself, and locate all of those feelings, thoughts, and emotions that remain at large, is definitely a difficult one.

It seems as if once progress is made in one department a regression is unfolding in another.

I consider giving up on a daily basis but for now I am still on this wild goose chase of a journey to rebuild myself!

Life lesson: Try not to lose what is hard to find.

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