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lostinmydreams Delving deeper into the unknown
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This was the result of me attempting @darklyloved's freestyle writing post "Straight From My Head"


by LostInMyDreams

The sun is setting over this boisterous city, and I give myself a once over in the mirror before I leave my hotel room.

The sounds, the people, the music isn't for me. I leave the city and head to a more peaceful environment.

A nice drive out to the country is more my speed. With its endless open fields and clear skies, I can watch the infinite stars flicker and lose myself in the stillness of the night.

I return to my hotel room feeling refreshed and more relaxed than ever.

The morning light greets me by gently warming my cool skin. I get up to open the curtains completely. My contentment is marked by the smile that emerged as a result of my view. A must have.

This was the result of me freestyle writing from the pages that automatically populated when I inserted a new page. The idea was taken from @darklyloved's "Straight From My Head" Check it out!

I'm challenging anyone who feels like pushing their writing skills. This freestyle writing makes you think and get creative. It's also fun! I hope to see your #freestylechallange posts soon!

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