A Day Late
A Day Late love stories

lostblueboy Comes from the beating crimson heart.
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Story of a single day, that is different for everyone.

A Day Late

A beautiful day Isn't it? Valentines day 14 February isn't it?

Cardinal rose of love Cupid´s arrow. Flamingo flowers of affection Aphrodite´s blessing.

Lips passionately becoming one. Confessions of undying love. Eyes sparkling like pink fizz. Celebrations of commitment.

A ballad of love. Dance of desire. Salsa of lust. Tango of joy.

Cupid, master puppeteer. Puppets of permission Strings of sex. Dolls of wild desire.

Set of school. Costumes of conformity Stage of society. Theatre of time waste.

A day too late Isn't it? Single day 15 February isn't it?

Raven rose of loneliness Cupid´s curse. Crow crown of isolation Aphrodite´s apathy.

Masks of memories. Lovely lights of love. Beautiful ballad of breaths. Slow dance of dedication.

Dress of dreams. Halls of happiness. Queen of diamonds. King of hearts.

Home of hollowness. Eyes of emptiness. Please enter the Lonely masquerade ball.

Isle of isolation. Lake of loneliness Welcome to the Lonely hearts club.

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