The ghost in my home
The ghost in my home ghost stories
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lostangel Community member
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The ghost in my home

by lostangel

There's a ghost in my home, He loves to roam, He loves to cause trouble, Sometimes the effort he puts in is double

His death was unknown, So he's stuck in my home, Where's everyone he would've known, Did he die alone?

I want to find out how he died, And if he had a bride, If he died on the inside, Or during his death, if he cried

I want to solve this mystery, Find out his history, He doesn't remember a thing, He wouldn't even remember if he was a king

How did he die, He can't remember, why? Maybe he was a solder, Or maybe a explorer

We may never know the truth, Of what happened in his youth, He may stay here, Or he may disappear

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