The end
The end sad stories
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lostangel Community member
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The end

by lostangel

The last time I saw you, You said we are through, I didn't know what to do, If only you knew

You kept me alive, From the moment you arrived, I tired to survive, but its the end of the line.

I get my rope, and I wish and I hope, But, I just cant cope

This is the end, I couldn't even call you my friend. Why couldn't you pretend, That you cared about me like a girlfriend

I'll see you soon, When you look at the moon, While listening to your favourite tune. I'll be gone before noon

I'm sorry to say, I didn't want to stay, This is how I have to pay, I watch my life replay.

I wont be a great wife, I'll just use a knife, I wonder what happens in the after life, Goodbye, this is the end of my life

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