My last heartbreak
My last heartbreak sad stories
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lostangel Community member
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This is about the heartbreak I went through. I found out he moved on and he'll probably read this

My last heartbreak

by lostangel

It started when I saw you, It was when I knew, You were the one, That was how our story begun

And it ended with heartbreak, my heart still aches, It ended with me crying, "I'm fine" I kept lying

Things wont ever be the same, Am I to blame? Am I the reason you left? There's a pain in my chest

What did I do wrong? I'm not that strong, I can't hide what I feel, And my heart will never heal

Our memories play on repeat, I just sit here in defeat, Hoping no more tears will fall, Waiting for your call

Hoping you'll ask for me back, Then my whole world turns to black, It starts to crumble down, And all I can do is frown

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