I saw you
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lostangel Community member
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I saw you

by lostangel

I saw you again, It feels like I went insane. The memories came flooding back, In a really quick flashback

I remember all the times you forgot, and the times we fought. The times we smiled, And when we went wild

When I saw you, That's when I knew. You were gone, You had moved on

You gave me a sad smile, I haven't seen that in a while. I walked away, And went on with my day

But that night, I realised I wasn't alright. It hurts to see you with her, I miss what we were

I should've ran and hugged you, Just so you knew, How much I missed you, And what we went through

But its too late now, I will forget about you, somehow. I hope I don't see you again, Or my feelings I will regain

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