For the depressed people
For the depressed people sad stories
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lostangelCommunity member
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This is for the depressed people. I tried to write it the best I could

For the depressed people

by lostangel

There's a hole in my heart, That I cannot fill, I may not be smart, But I love you, still

Love can get you hurt, Love can make you smile, You don't have to wear a pretty skirt, Or go the extra mile

You are great the way you are, Even with that scar, Don't believe their lies, Everyone cries

They say forgive and forget, But that's not so easy, When they made you so upset, When they kissed another, deeply

It may not be easy now, But it will get better, Don't worry about how, Don't worry about the pressure

The days will be bright again, And the rain will stop, A smile you will gain, And of the world, you will be on top

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