The Neighbor
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A little fictional horror crime story

The Neighbor

2 Years ago, I used to live in a little neighborhood with not many people. I loved how peaceful it was there, Though the neighbors always seemed weird.

One day, I was cooking, And I was out of butter, It was really hot and my husband had took the car and left for work.

I decided to ask the neighbors for some butter, Maybe I could get to know them better. I walked to their front door and rand the bell. I heard faint yelling and it stopped as I rang the bell.

A girl about my age answered the door. She was sobbing slightly and quickly turned up a slight smile.

I told her I needed some butter and she gave me half a block in a plastic box, I said thanks and returned back, I knew something really bad was up.

For the next few days, I used to hear banging and yells from their room. I finally had enough anger and confidence to face them. I went to their door and rang the bell.

A man, Around his 20s Answered, He looked traumatized and scared, I asked what was wrong and he just declined that he was ok and shut the door.

As he did I saw some red stuff on his hand, Then to my horror I heard a gunshot and I knocked over the door to open it. I was frozen from what I saw.

The man who had answered the door just now was standing in rage, holding a gun, There was a kid who had a fresh bullet would and the girl who gave me butter,

laying on the floor with a fresh knife would. He turned around to escape and saw me. He point the gun at me and somehow, I managed to close the door and the bullet missed.

He shouted from the other side of the door. But I called the cops and they quickly arrived, He got arrested later and as my husband came back, I told him everything.

We them moved out to where we are now and about a month ago, News popped up on the TV that a man had escaped from jail and had murdered many people, As soon as the picture rolled, My heart sank,

It was the man who was our neighbor who had killed his family. And yet still, no one knows where he is. The Neighbor//Sky 5:20pm 10/9/2021

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