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lost I'm still here
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A description of anxiety. I understand not everyone faces anxiety the same way. This is merely a description of my own anxiety,

The Box

by lost

Trapped inside a small glass box that you can't even see

Trapped inside this see through box and no one will help me.

I tell them it's there but no one seems to care

I can't move but no one believes me.

Trapped inside the box water enters at the ground.

Trapped inside the box I scream and scream but make no sound

The water starts to rise. I contemplate my demise.

I bang on the glass but everyone keeps walking by.

Trapped inside this box and I can feel my air depleting.

Trapped inside this box I scare myself as I'm believing-

Maybe I'm not stuck maybe everyone is right.

Maybe I can control this if I don't put up a fight.

But I can't, I just can't, despite what they all say.

They're all watching, they're all judging

I'm the one who has to pay.

Trapped inside this box no one will listen or help me out.

There's no way to escape.

I'm going to drown, without a doubt.

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