Still, I Love You
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lostI'm still here
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Still, I Love You

by lost

I loved you.

I loved you from the start. I'd give you the world, but she held your heart.

But she loved another

He was not you. You told me it crushed you. You're crushing me too.

Time flew by fast

She broke it off with him But you loved her no more. You told me your love dimmed.

We speak more and more

For no reason, for no task I think you like me now I think I might ask

I'm smiling, I'm hopeful

But then, in a blur There, I see you And you're talking to her.

I frown and I mumble

You're only friends, yes, I see But then I recall All the time you've talked to me

Three years had gone by

and I still like you what made you any different you could like her still, too

My heart sinks, as I realize

you'll get her. you will. You never did like me. You love her

You love her still.

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