Sickly Pale.
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lost I'm still here
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The moment I realized the worst was yet to come. The moment I realized my sickness was more than a cold. The moment I felt most alone.

Sickly Pale.

by lost

I had been lying in bed all night, shaking.

I turn to the clock, it reads 3 am.

My computer screen lightly flashes a movie I left on.

I felt too sick to watch it.

I hadn't felt right for the past three weeks.

Maybe just a stomach virus, I thought, but now I was shaking. Wheezing.

I had to get my mom.

I got out of bed and took two steps.

I collapsed.

I didn't faint. I just collapsed.

I was too dizzy to move.

I was too dizzy to figure out which way was up. I didn't even know how to stand.

I could see my bed from the corner of my eye.

My computer flashing.

I grabbed onto the blanket and pulled.

I was too weak to even pull the blanket.

Two weeks.

In two weeks I went from running three miles everyday to not being able to move three feet.

How did this happen to me?

How do I fix it?

I could not scream for help.

My voice didn't work.

The next three hours I stayed sideways on the floor.

I was too weak to cry. I just laid there, listening to the distance sounds of my computer.

Why would this happen to me?

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