Lost. For Now.
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lost I'm still here
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After years hope remerges. It's changing. Hopefully changing.

Lost. For Now.

Everything I was living felt like a big lie

I'd go home so empty and broken I'd cry

I felt as though my world was shrinking

I felt as though I could not stop sinking

One night I sat outside by the shore

and held your gift like I did before

Lost and broken I stared at the sky,

I saw a flying star zoom by.

I made a wish upon that star

that things would change from how they are

I asked for signs from up above

For signals I will get this love

One sign I got, I really trust

that this wish will work out not just end within dust

So here I am waiting, feeling like I'm nothing

But here you are watching and that must mean something

I'm lost

and alone

and afraid

that's all true.

but something can save me

I hope that it's you.

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