And Suddenly It Changed
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lost I'm still here
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You were here for so long. One day I blink, and you’re just gone. How unreal.

And Suddenly It Changed

I thought we were perfect together, I was so in love with you.

You lied, and I believed that you just felt the same way too.

I begged you and pleaded and asked you to stay. But all you would do was shout.

And out of the blue, like I never thought you would do, you came and ripped my heart out.

You were everything to me, my love, my life, and my best friend.

I spent my whole life thinking that we’d make it to the end.

I begged and pleaded and gave you my heart. I told you all our problem we could mend.

You said your mind knew what was best. And that makes this the end.

So just like that, you’re done. You’re gone. I sit here half believing.

But with each new day, I wake up all hollow, and realize I’m not dreaming.

I always told you my biggest fear was being destroyed out of the blue.

I always told you that would hurt me the most, yet that is what you went to do.

I wonder if you wake up every morning with me stuck in your head.

I wonder if you live your life each day feeling a little more dead.

The sky seems more gray each morning, and the birds slowly disappear.

I feel my heart crying in my chest, all I think about is having you near.

But a question remains in the back of my mind, floating around and prying.

If you wanted to leave me so badly then why couldn’t you stop crying?

You never stopped crying.

So I my spend days with emptiness and heartache turning off and on.

It seemed like you didn’t want to leave me, Yet I’m all alone, You’re gone.

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