Afraid of Changes.
Afraid of Changes. loved stories

lostI'm still here
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Afraid of Changes.

by lost

Things are getting better

For you and for me

Life is getting better

it's really clear to see

So why am I so nervous

with every coming day?

I cannot find happiness

why won't this feeling go away?

Today I came home sad

It was a great day for me though

Why would I be sad?

I really need to know.

I take the time to wonder

I think a lot about me and you

I come to realization

It hits me right out of the blue.

Yes, I know life's getting better

it is every passing day

But I fear inside

the world will try to take it all away.

See, there is an endless cycle

From happy back to sad

When you finally think

things are going well they suddenly turn out bad

But life just carries on

And with it you will too

If you're happy or sad

furious or glad, the world knows what to do.

In the end things will work out.

It's true, although it's sappy.

Life will arrange

times will change and hopefully, you'll end up happy.

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