A Cruel, Cruel World
A Cruel, Cruel World sad stories

lostI'm still here
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A Cruel, Cruel World

by lost

As a child

The world is new. We are young, we explore. We create, we learn, we have fun. But most of all, we're oblivious to what the world is actually like.

Yet we all want to grow up

We just want time to pass so we can get older. All we want is a life of our own out in the beautiful world.

But now we're here

We realize the world isn't what we thought it was. It's different. It's confusing. It's full of tragedy. Why did we want to grow up? Why didn't we enjoy the time we had?

It's cruel.

No one knows what they're doing. We all wish we could just go back to the days when we were young.

Because in reality

We would give anything we could to be young and oblivious to this cruel world.

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