Hold on tight.
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losingfaithtrying to find my place
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I was bullied. But I'm okay now.

Hold on tight.

I was bullied in school.

Every day.

A nasty girl with a funny shaped nose called Katherine...

She used to call me fat and knock my books out of my arms.

My confidence was shattered.

I was 13 then, shy and insecure.

I'm now 18, and just as 'fat' as I was back then.

I'm confident, happy, and I think I'm alright to look at.

Bullies are lowlifes and scum.

No mater what is going on in your life, bullying isn't the way forward.

Make others feel good about themselves.

Empower. Don't put down.

If you're in school and being bullied, just remember things get better.

I am living, breathing, beautiful proof of that.

Love yourselves darling.

-loosingfaith <3

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