When You Feel Sad

loserannahappy-sad girl
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what to do when you are feeling sad

When You Feel Sad

by loseranna

when you feel sad..

have a good cry. let it all out. cry until your insides are dry. cry passionately. cry softly. sob out all that has been bottled up inside you.

when you feel sad...

hydrate yourself. drink water. drink it cold, maybe with some lemon slices or fruit. drink it warm, maybe with some honey and lemon. drink your favorite tea.

when you feel sad...

listen to music. blast happy music and scream the lyrics until you feel okay. play soft, sappy tunes and feel the lyrics and rhythm with every fiber of your being.

when you feel sad...

write. write, write, write. write until your hand is swollen and your palms are bloody. write a poem. write a song. write what you feel. pour your soul into the paper.

when you feel sad...

clean yourself. take a warm shower. take a relaxing bath. use your favorite smelly shower gels. focus on the water touching your skin. scrub the sad away.

when you feel sad...

remember that it's okay. it's okay to feel the way you feel. you are not alone. your problems matter. your sadness matters. take a breather, and know that everything is going to be okay.

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Thank you for this awesome poem! Good advice for when I'm sad, I'll be sure to remember it.

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This was really great advice. It was also a beautifully written poem. I loved it. Great job!!!!!