The Big Deadly Day
The Big Deadly Day stories

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A big day for Melissa. A day she's been preparing for.

The Big Deadly Day

"I'm doing it today, Cory, TODAY. No turning back." Cory sighed loudly on the other line of the call.

"Alright Melissa I won't stop you, but why are you calling me then?" "Check my house in the morning if I'm not there, take care of my cats"

"And by 'not there' do you mean you'll be on the run, in jail, or dead?"

"Cory, seriously shut up. I'm telling you just in case. There's a good chance nothing will go wrong at all. So....can you watch the cats? If not, I'll just kill the buggers myself"

"Okay okay Melissa. Jeez. I'll check on the cats." Cory hung up.

Melissa ran out to her car and dialed another number on her cell phone. "Hell--Hello", a shaky voice answer the phone.

"How are you doing Jake?" Melissa retorted in a bubbly and enthusiastic tone. "It's 3am....." "Why are YOU up at 3am?"

*Click* - Jake had hung up the phone. Melissa could feel her anger building as she drove.

She had done this drive thousands of times. She knew every building, alley, pothole, and turn by heart.

She was never a person for violence, but when things needed taking care of, she always got things done.

Growing up with 7 siblings in the ghetto with very little to eat taught her a lot about violence, self-defense, and respect. Stuff that would help in the next few hours.

She saw a big black car parked out front. She parked right behind it and stepped out.

She had been thinking, fearing, plotting this moment for weeks.

With both fear and anger, she grabbed her gun, slowly opened the door, and braced herself for what was to come.

Want to find out what happened next? Comment below and I'll make a part 2!

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