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Farrah B.’s dark tragedies Farrah B. Louling was a gifted knowledgeable girl and woman, with many strange talents, and was known to be quite eccentric.

Farrah B

Farrah B.’s dark tragedies

Farrah B. Louling was a gifted knowledgeable girl and woman, with many strange talents, and was known to be quite eccentric.

“Oh, for what a wonderfulistic day, isn’t it?” she’d say, and all the townspeople would gawk and laugh at her way of descriptions.

She was born to Kirena Beatrice-Louling and Aronade Ian-Louling.

Louling was the surname, and Aronade and Kirena were not proud of the name, and as a married couple with a newborn baby, they fled the town,

leaving the baby behind with only a simple note saying:

Please take care of my baby, my townspeople. Her name is Farrah Beatrice. Her surname cannot be revealed, for we ashamed of it, that is the surname we will never rise to.

Your loving-full neighboring couple,

Kirena Beatrice-Louling and Aronade Ian-Louling

The gardener, Lady Helen Wells, was shocked that such a happy couple like the Loulings would do something so cruel to the child. Since then, she decided to take care of Farrah.

Farrah grew up into a very pretty girl, and around age 8, or 9, and Lady Helen decided to send young Farrah to school, where she would learn to read and write.

Right before school started, Farrah met a dark-haired girl named Martha. “Who are you?” asked the pretty girl, and Farrah answered politely, “My name is Farrah, sir.

” The girl giggled and said “Sirs are men, silly!” Farrah burst into tears, being very sensitive, she ran away.

“Now, my Farrah, you can call her Martha, that’s her name. She’s your cousin. My older sister, Lady Agnes Otis’s daughter.” said Lady Helen, in a gentle, soothing voice.

Farrah nodded. And from that moment on, Farrah decided she wanted to be as brave as Lady Helen.

Weeks gone by, and Martha and Farrah grew to dislike each other. Martha teased Farrah in a way that made her upset.

Farrah would come home upset, and she would tell Lady Helen Wells, and Lady Helen would tell Martha Otis to stop.

Before Farrah knew it, it was her tenth birthday, and Farrah was excited. On the morning of her tenth birthday, excited, she ran out to the meadow to play.

That’s when Farrah saw Martha Otis, and her favorite wannabe- Ida Lewis.

“Oh, look, it’s little Farrah.” teased Martha, and and an evil glare caught her face.

“Stop it, Martha.” Farrah said calmly, just as Lady Helen had shown her, and Martha stopped, but she still looked mad and mean.

“Um, Farrah?” said Ida. “Sorry.”

“For what?” asked Farrah.

“For everything I ever did.” said Ida. Farrah couldn’t believe her ears. Ida, saying sorry? Impossible. She had agreed with Martha all this time, and now she tries to say sorry?

“Thanks, Ida. Does that mean we’re friends now, or even kind allies?” asked Farrah.

Martha looked mad. Real mad. “Watch what you’re saying, Lewis girl.” said Martha in a real nasty voice, and Ida wanted all she could, to run away, but she had to be brave for Farrah.

“Martha, be kind. You’re not being nice to Farrah. She hasn’t had any friends, and you’re making her life seem bad. And I know it’s not fun.

You’ve made my life feel troubled, maybe pointless and horribly complex, and my life is harder even now. Martha, maybe being kind, it’s better than being the mean braggy know-it-all.” said Ida.

“That was quite a speech, wasn’t it?” Martha said mockingly, and she glared at them like they were the last thing she wanted to see.

Then she glared at them like the matter was closed, and she stormed away.

Farrah looked at Ida. “So Ida, are we allies? Maybe even friends?”

“Definitely.” said Ida with a huge smile on her face.

Farrah was happy with being friends with Ida, and so was Ida.

For the next three years, they grew up together, happily, standing up to Martha,

But one day in cold December, Ida caught a bad fever, and when she recovered, she was left without the ability to feel.

Farrah and Ida still continued to be friends, and Martha Otis tragically died from a bad disease that had been spreading across town.

Luckily, Farrah and Ida both were spared, and they continued being friends.

One early morning in late March, Lady Helen Wells fell sick. Her voice was hoarse, and her eyes were oddly pale, and her skin was cold and white.

After a few days, Lady Helen died in her sleep, in 1934.

Ida was very sympathetic and asked for Farrah to stay with the Lewises, and Farrah agreed.

Farrah was quite surprised by how nice their small cabin was, small hay beds, and handwoven quilts, and a bright lit torch.

Farrah and the Lewises grew very close, they soon treated Farrah as if they were family.

One day, though, Ida’s family was moving, and Farrah couldn’t go. She was too tired and was not part of the family.

So, at the age of 15, young Farrah was officially on her own.

With no help, no guidance, she began her magic.

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