Flirting game - Part 1
Flirting game - Part 1 choices fanfiction stories

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Jade describes the night she met the man who would change her life in her journal.

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Flirting game - Part 1

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Liam x MC (Jade)

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 670

That was supposed to be just another Saturday night when the manager at the bar I was working called me to wait on a table for this bachelor party. Sure! The tip is gonna be great.

I walked back to the bar and saw those three men: a very zippy guy, a snob one and another one, a more low-key kind of guy.

Even though they walked into a bar, they looked completely oblivious to the place they just got in and ordered things that clearly weren't on the menu.

The snob guy actually requested a filet mignon medium rare with bearnaise sauce. Hahahaha.

But everything changed when he walked in. His beautiful clear blue eyes, his dark blond hair, perfectly symmetric face and athletic body hidden under a tailored suit...

But the best thing about him is his smile. That bright, immaculate and welcoming smile threw me off balance as he apologized for being late and introduced himself.

I kept my cool and replied politely before taking their orders. And then some more.

The snob guy insisted on only drinking the red wine until he was sure it was a Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1975 and the zippy one was trying to beatbox while low-key made acid comments about it.

But he was just quiet, occasionally smiling and sipping his drink.

When they were about to leave, he came to thank me and apologized for his friends.

I've never seen a customer apologize twice on the same night and keep a conversation with the server and he seemed so caring and sincere. It was hard not to feel drawn to him.

So when he asked me to go out with them, I just had to accept it, in spite of not wanting his friends around.

I knew I was about him from the get-go. His friend made a few nasty comments about me right after I stepped outside the bar and they were promptly scolded by him before I actually hear anything.

Well, that’s what he thinks. I couldn’t help but smile.

On the way to Kismet, we talked about how long they’ve been in New York, the places they went and no matter how loud his friends could be, it seemed like no one else was there.

By the time we got to the club, his friends went straight to the dancefloor, while he guided me to a private booth and asked the waiter for drinks.

“Careful. We’re playing with fire here...”

His playful smile was so seductive, his eyes never leaving mine as we both drank the shots. Time to make this more interesting...

“Thanks. I guess this makes us even.”

“Hmm... You’re right. Now I”ll have to find some other excuse to get you to stay.”

That’s all I wanted to hear, but I wasn’t quite done yet.

“Better think of something fast.”

Despite his unsuccessful attempts in this little flirting game, I wouldn’t leave. But his honest answer caught me off guard.

“Honestly? Hanging out with you is the most fun I’ve had this entire vacation.”

So he told me about how much he wanted to please his friends and pretended to like all their over-the-top ideas for bachelor parties,

but just wished to make a quiet visit to the Statue of Liberty and just wished to feel free before going back to his life as crown prince.

And here I thought I’d have a shitty semester for failing Music Analysis class.

Wait... Is he going to have an arranged marriage? Why can’t he find someone to love and rule the country by his side? No wonder he thought my lifestyle and dreams so compelling.

OK, I need to do something...

“You said you wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. Let’s do it”

I might have to call in a huge favor to Julie, but she still owes me for exchanging dresses with her just so she could go to on a date after basketball practice.

Why is she taking so long to text me back?

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