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The Dream of a God

By: Loren. P

The Last Dream

by Loren. P

I sometimes wonder if i am a product of a dream, born from a sleepless, nameless entity that forced itself to sleep for fear of being lonely while awake,

the only one among an ocean of nothingness, existence of one. As it dreams, fears fade, yet ours take breath along side hope.

"It sleeps", I hear my nightmares say, "When it wakes, like all things should, painless oblivion, but wait..

" the voice cautions, as if seeking sympathy from an illusion of choice and dull reason, " what is more terrifying? Knowing thy itself is a farce...

or when such a thing awakens, it will still be alone seeing the twilight of its own creation fade through the slits of sleepy eyes opening, just to be replaced by tears.

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