The loss of a great man in a way only hell could concieve
The loss of a great man in a way only hell could concieve loss of hope stories

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Loss of a story telling man

The loss of a great man in a way only hell could concieve

A man, not that old who served in the Navy 21 years, saves a fellow sailors life.

A man who found faith raised a family while alway working. Filled with countless stories and energy.

He would help anyone and was a natural mechanic. Some of his parts are still used in Submarines today.

Then he hit a bump and needed a total lung transplant. Made it through the complex processes to be on the list.

While waiting he never got down and even on total oxygen he still worked 50 hours week with a hose and tank installed where he worked.

The transplant finally came and all went perfect. In a week he was up and around, not as strong but telling stories again and working at home.

Then it started, he was always getting sick, small colds and fatigue, but he kept his spirits up

Then they noticed his leg and finger lost strength a small sign that meant the end.

He started next to forget words or make the wrong word. Endless test were done as it progressed fast 6 months since the transplant.

Now in the hospital his nouns all became the word sandbox. The man of endless stories started to lose his ability to communicate his joy.

One desperate final test, a dangerous brain biopsy and the pathologist worked 24 hour straight to find the cause

Something so rare he was only the 13th documented case worldwide and no hope or chance. There were only 2 paragraphs of information on it.

The next months saw this once energetic, happy, spiritual man lose to the disease, his mouth betrayed him, his eyes betrayed him with what they saw.

Imagine trapped in your mind loved ones around and unable to communicate by mouth, facial expression or even able to point at the correct picture of what you want.

The look of frustration, anger and sadness haunt me everyday, this once great man to suffer more and more each day to the end.

Death finally released his suffering as he laid in a comma for days. It happens the only hour no one was there.

After words they looked to see what happened. The horror was visible. Half the brain had been ate away. But he could feel pain to the end and they were sure he could know what he wanted to say but not do it.

A death of the mind in only 6 months with loss of all communication for a story telling man. A death only hell itself could conceive

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