The Flash Fry Omatic Fishing kit!!
The Flash Fry Omatic Fishing kit!! comedy stories

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Easy all natural fishing

The Flash Fry Omatic Fishing kit!!

Do you like Fishing? Do you like rain? But do you hate having to wait to catch the fish, get it home or make a fire to cook it?

Well we all do!! That’s why we developed the fast way to get your fish all at once and cook them all at once!!!

With the Flash Fry Omatic Fishing system it couldn’t be easier!!! No patten yet they are so harsh about innovation!!

Just put the Fishing Rod in the water anywhere during a nice storm and just sit back and let it do all the work for you!

Just takes one lightning strike and the whole lakes fish (and anyone else in the water or metal boats) is instantly flashed fried and at the top of the water ready to be put on a plate and ate!

Why spend money on lures, bait and all that energy casting when Mother Nature wrath can do it all at once for you!!

So order you Flash Fry System today and enjoy a bounty of sea food every storm day!!

Warning ⚠️ do not use while standing in the water, in a boat, or while others may be on the water. May cause electrocution to all living creatures. Not to be used as a capital punishment devise unless you are a state interested in this and we can cut a deal!!

Fish may explode or be really hot so careful while eating.

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