Passing phase?
Passing phase? #teenage stories

lordzeus5Community member
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Raging hormones? Butterflies in tummy?
You decide.

Passing phase?

Amidst the bustling city, she closed her eyes

Honking traffic, blinding lights, infectious laughter

There she was

Amidst all of this, but far far away..

Happiness always had the same face

Now the mirror had cracks

Also the face had unavoidable wrinkles dunno what had created

She opened her eyes

It was the same and it always will be

It was the craving that possessed her soul

The craving to be someone else

The craving to be with someone else

The craving to be somewhere else

The craving noone knows the end to

The festive mood did nothing

She closed her eyes

Not sure how to proceed

Passing phase? Permanent set?

Ready for the road not taken?

So she closed her eyes again

That was all she could do

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