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lord_enma 💗@vexie 💗 is mine U//w//U
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Anyone else can relate? :P

The person I am

im the type of person who doesn't like to force any relationships of any type.

I will put tons of effort into making stuff like friendships work out.


if I see that the other person isn't putting nearly enough effort....

or doesn't really seem to care.....

then I give up and you will see me act differently......

I will always respond to someone unless im EXTREMLY upset with them or Im just sleeping/busy/didn't see the message.....

and If I don't get a reply from them then im still not going to spam them with messages even if I know they are on because like I said....

Im not going to put all this effort for nothing :P

Also if I see someone "not caring" or "not seeming to be interested in the current relationship I have with them" as much as I do then I start responding with "cold/one word" responses and tend to use this emoji ":P" more than usual *which is like in each sentence I type* until they realize that there is a problem

Soo if you ever see me not reply its most likely because im waiting for you to reply first *or im just busy/sleeping*


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