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a story of two kids

//two kids//

two kids

its you

and me

at 4 am with the dim glow of two broken hearts

we knew who we were

until we didn't

two kids

kids with hopes and dreams

forgotten in the big, big world

because what is the world outside of the slide and a couple of swings

two kids

who got their lockers at different schools

with different names and different faces

me and you lost in different spaces

and different is bad

so i promised myself i would never be different again

two kids

in the darkness of a bedroom after midnight

holding hands for the very first time

i let go

two kids

who learned what outside meant

outside was different

it hurt and scratched and burned and yelled with loud screams that no one could even hear

a world that broke two kids

we were two kids

we went down different slides

and swung on different swings

and i didn't know you

and you didn't know me

we are two kids

who fell in love

and fell apart as people do

we hung on desperately to a ship that was slowly inching with water

until it was up to our necks

we still didn't give up

we trusted fate

and trusted the world that was different

two kids

at 5 am

with tape on our broken hearts

we walk

no longer holding hands

but with a yellow rose in each

and a red string around our fingers

happy birthday reina

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