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Your superhero That’s all I wanted to be

Fallen hero

Your superhero

That’s all I wanted to be.

I mean it’s ridiculous really

You even said it was childish

But truth is I was your superhero

When your world was falling apart

When you felt alone,in need or attacked

I was always there for you

Wearing a smile as a mask

I’d come and swoop your worries away

Tell you everything would be ok

No matter the time

No matter the difficulties

I’d always come to save you

I had no fancy cape,superpowers or gadgets

But whenever you needed me

I’d show up instantaneously

And for ages, eons

I’d show up repeatedly

Your cries ,my beckoning

But suddenly

You no longer needed me

You had found someone

Better than me

And really I’m happy for you

But I’m left in tragedy

Yearning for someone

To rescue me

But who can save the hero?


You either die a hero

Or live long enough

to become a villain

And this heartache I feel

is merely the start

I reckon

You see my hearts broken

It’s still beating

My blood still flowing

My life’s still going

And that’s the problem

My soul is dead

My mind is going insane

Your happiness risen

Your love growing

While I’m left here for dead

No one ever saved me

And now the voices

Are screaming revenge

I warned you ,you never listened

Can you really ever blame me

For my villainous ways

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