The Eyes of a Demon

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lonewolf4588Community member
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What do you see after you fall asleep?

The Eyes of a Demon

Every night I lie awake and pray. I pray that the demon that haunts me will stay away. He lurks in the shadows, stalking me by day and hunting me by night.

I lie in the dark, examining every shadow and questioning every sound. My eyes begin to hurt and my muscles weaken, but awake I remain; for the demon's attack is imminent and unavoidable.

He enjoys my pain, feeding on it. Not only does he enjoy the pain but also the fear. The fear weakens me even more, allowing me to fall into the demon's trap.

The demon does not wish to scar your body. He only wishes to scar your mind, your soul, piercing through you with his glare. Even when he is gone, I can still see him. I can feel him, but more importantly...I still fear him.

I fight to stay awake, but my strength slips away. My fear peaks as my muscles relax and reality begins to fade. My brain tells me it's time to sleep; but when I close my eyes, I open them to the eyes of a demon.

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