Update post#6 1/2
Update post#6  1/2

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Update post#6 1/2

Update post#6 1/2

Hello guys, this is my next update post but this is only half of it mostly because of some issues I'm currently dealing with lol sooo I'm trying to come up with ideas for more stories but I'm finding it had harder and harder to me the easiest stories to come up with are scary stories but I don't want to overdue the amount of them I make

So that way people don't get bored quickly because I'm trying to make inspiring stories as well for you guys:) Now I'm still in the process of deciding what I can make the next five about, but I'm totally open to suggestions for stories.

But if you guys are okay with more scary stories as October is approaching then i'm fine with that :) But until then I'm going to keep deciding then I'll add the other half of this post with the next five stories.

Now one idea I have is maybe a few weeks I'll write all five of the stories on one topic like one week all five of them are scary stories and one week all them are inspiring stories and etc But anyways have a good day! Remember, I'm open to suggestions. :)

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