A calm place 😌
A calm place 😌

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A calm place😌

A calm place 😌

"You wake up in a place with nothing but clouds flying all around" "The sun is rising as well" "It looks amazing and you start to wonder is this all a dream"

"You take a moment to rest on the clouds as they take you away somewhere else" "They feel like giant pillows floating in the air" "Then after awhile you fall asleep and wake up to find yourself on a nice beach near a campfire"

"The sun is setting as the day ends and you feel the warmth of the campfire" "While also hearing the sound of the waves calmly washing up on the shore"

"Nothing can bother you from this moment as the calming waves and campfire put you right to sleep" "Soon you find yourself in a forest with tons of colorful leaves falling everywhere it looks like fall"

"You look around, taking it all in tons of orange,yellow,and red leaves falling everywhere"πŸ‚ "You also can't help but notice the sweet smell of pumpkin spice floating through the air"

"Soon your in a candle lit room looking out the window seeing all the leaves that have fallen" "You start to drink a cup of nice coffee with the taste of pumpkin flavoring and soon you fall asleep waking up to the snow falling"

"You soon realize that it's winter and you start to fill with tons of joy as it's Christmas as well"πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„ "You take a quick look out the window to see the amazing sight"

'It's amazing as snow covers the ground and trees in a nice blanket.'❄️ "Then you hear a ho ho ho from up in the sky and once you look behind you the tree is stuffed with presents and a nice note from Santa"

"He says that you've been really great this year and that he wishes you the best. throughout your life :) "After enjoying some cookies and opening presents you fall asleep and this time you wake up in your own bed"

"After realizing it was all a dream you start to feel sad but soon you see the leaves falling outside and the whole cycle restarting and you can't help but smile :)" "You also notice that the letter santa gave you is still in your hands and you're super surprised to see it say I can't wait to see you this year :)"

"So after a long dream you start to get your clothes on and go outside seeing the leaves falling ready to start over again feeling completely relaxed" The End🍁

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