A battle's end🪖
A battle's end🪖 war stories

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A battle's end🪖

A battle's end🪖

"As the bombs fall" "As the guns howl" "And more bodies after bodies fall"

"Two soldiers stand left one from one side, one from the other" "They await the whistle of their commanding officers to let them know to charge" "The whistle blows as the two run out of their trenches charging at each other"

"The both run straight towards each other before stopping and staring at each other with their guns" "They see that they were the only ones that left their trenches and it doesn't take them long to look around and realize that their all that's left"

"Their commanding officers shoot them both for not fighting but soon realize that their are no more troops there is nothing left" "But the remnants of all the destruction brought upon the earth"

"War doesn't determine who is right, but rather who is left" -Winston Churchill

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