Nice to be here
Nice to be here lifechanging stories

lonetimberwolfAn Author is a Savior with a pen
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You have all been life changing.

Nice to be here

Hello to all

Hello to all, I've been away

I have turned around

I have turned around, I'm ready to stay

Thanks for support

Thanks for support, and for all of the times

That you all helped me

That you all helped me, survive all the lies

I realize now

I realize now, it's nice to be here

And thanks to you guys

And thanks to you guys, it's all finally clear

It's nice to be here

You have all been a life changing force in my life here on Commaful

Feel free to follow me on wattpad @LoneTimberWolfGirl My books are: It hurts, but I'm used to it and That Last Summer.

You're all amazing

Thank you.

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