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I guess I must introduce myself Hello I'm at the back of the shelf


I guess I must introduce myself

Hello I'm at the back of the shelf

You placed me here a while ago

Your deepest fear... though nobody knows

You can't hide forever

Darling I'm you

You can't escape yourself

The mirror knows it too

Don't get me wrong

I hate you

I hate what you've become anyways

You used to be a happy go lucky child

before those fuckers messed with your head

I guess it's not you I hate love

I'm sorry, no it's not you

I hate the world

The world that made you into a monster

The world that calls you a whore

a cunt

a dike

a fuckboy

a buzz kill

The world that causes you to take those pills

to take that rope

to take that razor

to take that last jump

to take that gun

The world that caused you to hurt him or her

The one who loved you

Let me give you a little insight

You take that rope

You take that jump

And they find you

They are a little tipsy

They expected you to answer the door

but you didn't so they just came in

Then there was the scream...

and then...


Silence as they fall into a black hole you pushed them into

unable to love

unable to trust

unable to comprehend why they weren't enough to keep you here

They fall further

taking up everything they promised they wouldn't





everything they can do to die but it never works

eventually they love again

but you can see them holding back

afraid that if they get too close

they're world will again fade to black

You caused this pain

you could have prevented

there's always one of them

The one who cares about you so much they'd die if you did

And with this one simple act not only have you ruined your life that could've been fabulously successful once you got through this rough patch....

You also ruined the life of the one who loved you... the one who still loves you

And you would throw that away?

Penny for your thoughts love?

Just a simple Penny?

Pray to your God above

For he has given you plenty

Riddle me this darling

just for a moment

If you had to choose to save me, the one who will always love you

Is it our life?

Or is it just mine?

Just remember your cat, dog snake, bird, or whatever...

They'll never understand why you didn't come home... or why you didn't wake up.

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