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lonethefirst Inept to start, hard work to part.
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When your down there, it can feel like you need a thousand people to push you up.

Sprout From

Woke up in cracks

Wasting time Like this day was a pass

It's a secluded lifestyle

But I prefer to be in my bed

Traversing through a dream Steady yet extreme

Scurrying through doorways A pad of imagination to consult

Unleashing aspirations that have been on hold

Their presence overwhelms me

Living life no longer seems frigid

Cause I've hit the motherlode

When it reels in, I'm back in reality

The pulse and energy are gone

Awake, discerning forlorn sounds

Time to wriggle from the ground

Turn this notion around

This poem touched on the need to expose yourself to new things, to not get trapped in an everlasting state of inactivity. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet someone new, the thrill of life comes from trying what's unbeknown to you.

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