House made of Butterfly Wings
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House made of Butterfly Wings

A story of a girl Who built a house made of butterfly wings A house so fragile That even the wind could ruin

Her heart was not upset with anyone But with her own self In a blink of an eye All her happiness turned into sorrow And made her heart hollow

And all she could say or think was "Oh my lord,tell me what was my mistake!" "What did I do to deserve all this pain?!"

And now her story Are just tears in her eyes That her heart tells her Every single night

Now her heart is no longer bright But is hopeless That makes her Emotionless

The house that she made With so much love and care Was destroyed by someone Whom she built it for The one whom she loved the most

He stepped on it Destroying the beautiful butterfly wings As she screamed Telling him to stop But he didn't care

He ripped her heart And tore those beautiful wings Then she collapsed Along with the house And he left Like he did nothing

Leaving that innocent soul behind ALONE BROKEN HURTING

His arms were supposed to protect her But they became the one who destroyed her And now she is totally broken

Holding the broken pieces of her soul She whispers his name As she looks at the Broken butterfly wings

Remembering everything he said Remembering his soft and gentle touch Remembering his "I love you"

That was only a lie She screams As the words"I love you" Keeps ringing in her ears She feels his touch His soft kisses

That only hurt her more She wishes She could erase him But at the same time She doesn't want to

She cries tears of blood As she looks at the broken wings She tries to build it again But torn wings can't be whole again

Everyday he and his new lover Walk past her house She just stares at them Feeling so betrayed

I was nothing to him Yet He was my everything

Those colourful and beautiful wings Are now only dust Just like her heart

The house made of butterfly wings Is now only a ruin And she is only in the past

Because now There is no her cause she is gone And that beautiful house Is all alone.

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