The inevitable
The inevitable sad stories

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How do we truly know what will come of us? It could all be for nothing.

The inevitable

What do we get out of life?

I sit here typing to have a few reads, maybe a few clicks. Thoughts are to be heard, language was created to reach out to each other. We scroll through Instagram, go to classes, go to work, but where does it all end?

It ends in the ground, decomposing. Maybe in heaven with all of our loved ones, or in hell being tortured. We could be reincarnated, given another chance to find our true purpose. It might lead to nothing, could it all be for nothing? Just a black abyss. No more thought. No language. No human contact. No starvation. No money. No one. Nothing but eternity.

If it is all for nothing, what am I working towards? Do I fight for something that will be erased? Do I struggle to make money, make the grades, and make everyone happy for it all to end? Those who grow older, do they feel terrified? Are we all terrified but disguise it so well we ourselves even forget?

We go about our days, feel nothing of the time slipping out of our grasp. I could waste hours typing this but it could all be for nothing. What if everything that happened was just a coincidence? All the nice deeds for nothing, could there be no karma? No blessings? No omens? Is our mind great enough to trick ourselves into enjoying life only for it to end and be forgotten?

Not everyone is remembered, what about those who died too young? Those who were given up and forgotten? What was the purpose of their birth if only for nothing to be left of them? We all want to make our mark on the world. We all want to be happy but what if everything is just a lie? Everything ultimately could lead to nothing.

Your birth, prom, wedding, high school reunion, first job, first love, it could all be for nothing yet we focus on it. We focus on making memories only for us to possibly meet our inevitable end. If no religion is right and there is nothing beyond this then what were these memories for? How do we live our life hating ourselves or wishing to be someone else when everything comes to an end?

We could have no purpose. Even if we make memories we might never remember it past death. We would just stop existing except to those who knew us in life but eventually they would move on. And you. You would be nothing. I would be nothing. Everyone will be nothing.

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