Lonely Outlet - Staff (part 1)
Lonely Outlet - Staff (part 1) lonely stories

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PART 1: Learn about four of our staff members! A bit of their backstories, history and more.

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Lonely Outlet - Staff (part 1)

Meet the Folks!

Hey! Hi! Come on in and meet the folks (staff) who make up the Lonely Outlet!

You'll notice that despite only having a small crew, we still have silly titles like "News Fellow Extraordinaire" and "Editor of Magazine Minutiae and Dust",

which are more common among larger companies. We realise that there's really no point to it (and heck! Barely any actual "editing" gets done!), but we're a self-proclaimed egotistical bunch.

The titles make us feel oh-so much better about our otherwise unimportant, insignificant existences...


Co-Creator, Editor-in-Chief

Lorenzo started the Lonely Outlet in 1986, as a small, hand-printed zine, which he primarily sold on shady street corners.

Initially, it was a project that he began with his girlfriend-come wife Agnes Mulman, in an attempt to fill the void and give him some purpose. It wasn't much, but it was, at least something.

In time, and after much hard work and lack of sleep, the magazine somehow became a relatively large enterprise in Durennmork and even spawned a long-running TV series.

In 2008, Agnes passed away and Lorenzo, after much contemplation, decided to hire more staff, in part to help maintain the magazine and in part to help deal with his loneliness.

Despite the Outlet's success, it doesn't actually make all that much money. Materials and printing (not to mention staff wages) are very expensive in Durennmork.

Additionally, Lorenzo has always maintained that the magazine should be fairly affordable, so more people are able to read it.

During the day, Lorenzo works at Aubenengate Public High School as the head of Science and Mathematics.

He enjoys the work and finds it very rewarding, but feels that his true calling is the Lonely Outlet.

Lorenzo lives with his daughter in the Northern Aubenengate region, by the coast, where it is generally even darker than other parts of Durennmork.

He has said that he will keep the Outlet going for as long as he can, which, knowing Lorenzo, will be until he physically cannot write, type, or speak any longer.

Dave Capelli:

Reviews Editor

Dave is one of few known childhood friends of Lorenzo, and while they didn't keep in much contact during the early years of the Lonely Outlet, they reconnected shortly before Agnes' death.

When Lorenzo was looking for more staff to help out, Dave agreed, though initially only on a casual basis.

With time, however, he found that he rather enjoyed writing for the Outlet, and it was something that he could do alongside his wife Julia.

Eventually he became a full time writer and the reviews editor.

Dave has been described as looking like a cross between director David Lynch and Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Lorenzo claims it's primarily due to his "wave-like" mess of hair.

Dave is a semi-retired computer consultant. This basically means that he originally wanted to be a 'programmer', but was never quite good enough to really do much himself.

He got some jobs, early on in his career, helping to fix and diagnose (fairly basic) computer problems and, considering the lack of computer savvy professionals in Durennmork,

he ended up sticking to that kind of thing. It paid well and the hours were flexible. He can't complain.

During his formative years, Dave's family were quite poor. There is still much prejudice in Durennmork and as a result, he was looked down upon by many of the other, more wealthy residents.

Today, Dave claims to enjoy the 'better things in life' and is rarely seen without a suit and tie, no matter the occasion.

Dave lives with Julia, along with their two cats, Ray and Hachi, in Lusengratz - the very centre of Durennmork.

Julia Capelli:

News Editor

Julia was one of Durennmork's most well-respected journalists, writing for the region's biggest newspaper.

She met Dave at college, when they both took a creative writing unit in their first semester. They've been together ever since.

When Lorenzo was looking for more writers to join the Outlet, Julia naturally caught his eye.

While he couldn't offer her as much money as the newspaper, he could offer her a lot more freedom, and the chance to work alongside Dave.

After much deliberation, she finally agreed and has been with the publication ever since.

Born to Vietnamese parents, Julia always felt rather alone in a town made up of almost entirely white, European natives. The town was generally not all that welcoming either.

While not overtly racist, people of other ethnicities are simply not as 'accepted' as natives, or other Europeans.

Julia always felt she had something to prove and performed well in school, with the intention of eventually attending a college abroad.

However, she stumbled during her final exams - the pressure and expectation too much, and ultimately received low scores, effectively shattering her plan to leave.

She still intended to leave after college, once she had established herself, to some degree, but since she got married and made new friends at the Outlet,

this desire is not as strong as it once was.

Julia would still like to travel and see other parts of the world one day, but is now fairly content with her life in Durennmork.

She lives with Dave, along with their two cats, Ray and Hachi, in Lusengratz - the very centre of the town.

Adrian Treeble:

Features Editor

Adrian is one of those unfortunate individuals who just does not know what he wants to do in life.

He's never really had any great purpose and generally felt more at home watching anime, playing games, or reading manga than in the "real world".

Of course, he realises that he can't simply sit around doing nothing, so he is, at least, attending college, doing a Bachelor of Arts, hoping that something might 'click'.

In his spare time, Adrian used to have his own blog "Yes, Senpai", where he reviewed and commented on anime, manga and other niche Japanese culture.

While the site was never a huge success, it certainly had its followers, including Lorenzo.

When Lorenzo needed more staff for the Outlet, he offered Adrian a job. He is now the defacto "anime guy", "JRPG guy", etc.

Other staffers still review and report on those things, but Adrian is probably the most knowledgeable, and writes on these subjects the most.

Adrian and Liz recently moved in together - as roommates, they're not 'together'. Do not ship.

They met through the Outlet, and discovered that they were both attending the same university (not too surprisingly really, considering that it's one of two in the area),

though in different fields. They started spending time between classes together and rather strong friendship soon formed.

Adrian has a dog, named Switch, and, on an unrelated note, he dreams of one day owning every physical PS Vita game released. We advised him to finish college and get his degree first.

For MORE info on the staff, including their favourite games, movies, books, etc. check out our main site!

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