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lonelydemon The light rejects u so darkness accepts
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chapter 2 wrote this out of boredom but still beautiful

Killer 10

chapter 2

"what are you saying" Sarah chocked out. she hang up and went downstairs. she saw that the man forgot his wallet. when she looked inside the wallet it had an ID which said Ivan forest.

it wasn't the same guy who claimed to be Ivan. she got scared and call the cops. when the cops arrived she handed them the wallet and explained everything.

"ma'am have you ever seen this person in your everyday life" one cop asked. "no I haven't seen him. I thought he was a victim of the killer" she blubbered out.

"than I don't know why he didn't kill you if he was the killer, may be he was a thief and stole the wallet after that the killer found Ivan and killed him.

maybe Ivan beaten the thief, and he came to her house" cop said to another cop. Sarah was so shaken and frightened that she passed out. the next thing she knew she was in the hospital.

"why am I here?" Sarah said. her voice was so quite. the nurse walk into the room and told her everything. she asked when she will be released.

"well when your blood pressure gets to normal" the nurse said looking at the machine screen. "my blood pressure what about it?" she said.

"well your blood pressure was so low honey when you came here" she said. Sarah was left their all alone. when she was about to sleep li min came. he had flowers and food for her. she smiled.

"are you okay Sarah" he asked. she nodded her head. she ate the food and talked to li min. "I have to go sarah" he said. "yeah can you take the notes for me" she said.

he kissed her on the cheeks and wave a bye. she was feeling a little fine. when the nurse came in the room and said that someone came to meet her. "you may see her sir" she said and left.

Sarah was wondering who could it be. when the person entered her blood ran cold.she was scared. "it's you" she said.

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