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My life riding a railway without you...


p.s: it's a little lengthy hope you read it until the end

The school bell rang, students overcame the halls Not that long it was already quiet and empty The cold and calm breeze that rustles through the leaves that calls Mixed up with feelings is it sad or happy? Calm or worried? Light or hefty?

With the orange sun tainted hallways, I walk With one last chance, with one last reach, with one last talk With one last reason, with one last glance, with one last call of your name Deep down, I still hope that you feel the same

At the end of the hall there you stand With the same smile I’ve always admired You and your feelings I want to understand But in the thought of you loving me, a part of this heart has grown tired

The thought of you, that me and my name you won’t even remember Like fireworks which disappeared in the middle of summer Words that cannot be said, things that I can’t utter For them to you they don’t matter

Nearing unto the end I know I won’t know your answer For my feelings and cold heart are barely holding on despite of them starting to shatter It seems like something inside in this heart is in a broken state My eyes follows you pass beyond the school gate

The feeling of me starts to wither, unable to speak, unable to move forward This year will end without you knowing how I really feel, I’m a coward

Though the words to summarize everything are simple, why can’t I ever say it well? With my head hanging low, somehow our eyes met, with these eyes can’t you tell?

The feelings that I for long gone have hidden We wave timidly saying “see you later” when I know it was farewell As the last hour of this moment fell Losing everything that was supposed to take place with the chance I was given

The rails go and carries you and just after a few miles I knew that you already said your goodbyes Me, being left behind; that gentle swaying sunflower Reminds me of you and I cannot help to wonder

If I could show you what’s inside of my beating chest What would happen? Maybe I wasn’t really what you were looking for maybe it’s time to rest It feels so heavy, so this was the pain should have been

So, I walk alone, I grew tired of watching the way home, which is always the same I’m still feeling pain, I’m such a liar, If I cry, just a little Maybe I’d become a little more honest to myself hearing your name…

Those fireworks of emotions and where have I been hiding it all Can be reflected where this tear fall To let you know, in this place, I have been waiting For you to know what have I been hiding

So, this is goodbye as I fade away just like yesterday in your memory As every emotion I feel is taken by the breeze to carry May you feel it and remember even just my name the memories of the distant days Look back to the sound of the wind in the railways…


If you made it this far, thank you for reading my lengthy poem. Hope you liked it (ctto pics.)

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