| We are Machines

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lonelycloud empty as a person, I am
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A story of conquest and a journey through freedom

| We are Machines

--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- Hey guys, just got back from dealing with things, and also hoping I can post everyday like before despite things going for me. so here it is a poem with several parts it was inspired by the two shows I was watching

so to shake things up a bit, I decided to merge the two shows idea into a poem and here it is: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We are machines Tools bereft of heart We have lived here Yet we're never alive

I have overcome many battlefields undefeated Who aren't even mine to fight Not once have I retreated I have lost comrades whom faded unto the light

We were sacrificial pawns Brought to fight for others freedom So they can see another day of dawn While we sank in death and bloodbath

My body is made of swords Iron is my blood So I departed from it In search thy answer among clashes of swords


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