Worthless Little Girl
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Worthless Little Girl

by lonely

There was once a little girl

She was full of life, love and happiness. Living as though there was no bad in the world. Everyone around her couldn't help but smile at the sunshine bursting from her personality.

But one day, everything changed.

She didn't know why, but the man who was once her hero, became her enemy.

In the blink of an eye,

loving hands that would pick her up when she fell, turned into the hands that wouldn't let go of her neck as the world faded to blackness

Sweet whispers of "I love you" and "I'm proud of you" turned into, "You're worthless" and "I might kill you this time"

As the girl got older, her outlook on life grew dim.

At first she didn't know that the way her father treated her wasn't normal. But she started to figure out, that something wasn't right. The girl's younger siblings were never hurt like she was.

She felt alone, like an outsider, in her own life.

She became the perfect actress, so good at faking everything was alright, that sometimes she believed it herself. Her teachers, friends, & even extended family never knew that anything was wrong

She became so obsessed with keeping everything a secret.

The reality of the world started to cave in on her. Why shouldn't she believe her father's words? Maybe she really was worthless, fat, insignificant, and unlovable.

She quickly fell down the dangerous path of depression...

She couldn't sleep. She coulnd't eat. She cried herself to sleep every night. When she tried to talk to her mom, her mom simply told her to stop feeling sorry for herself. She was alone.

Nothing seemed worth it anymore.

Her friends stopped inviting her out, because she was always too sad, or too quiet. The feel of a blade against her wrist became her only comfort. Until one day, she had the perfect idea.

It was a few weeks after her 15th birthday.

She waited until her family had fallen asleep. She sat in her bathroom with a pen, a notebook, and some envelopes. Crying the entire time, she wrote letters to everyone she loved.

The letters were filled with comfort, advice, and goodbyes.

Telling her friends to move on. Telling her little sister to stay strong and her baby brother sorry. Every letter was filled with love, except for 1. She wrote her father a letter with the truth.

She made sure that when he read that letter, he would know..

He would know what he did to her. How he made her want to die. How he left bruises that would never be healed. She poured 10 years of hurt and hate into that letter.

She sealed the envelopes and left them by her bed.

Without a second thought, she found as many pills as she could in the house, and took them. With a smile, she went upstairs to bed. She could finally be happy. No more pain, no more pretending.

She didn't know what would happen once she closed her eyes.

But she did know, that when her dad read her letter tomorrow, it would be signed,

Love, your worthless little girl

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