The Moment
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londonfantasies Community member
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I open the door and there before me
A true vision; better than imagined...

The Moment

I open the door and there before me A true vision; better than imagined. It all starts right here; my world has changed. A sweet kiss and a knowing embrace. How can I be here experiencing this?

What did I do to deserve such passion? I came to her unsure of what I wanted And without a word, she already knew. This mysterious beautiful gypsy woman With her magical massaging touch. And then it happens...

A simple request or was it a command? What had just been relaxing Begins to gain momentum leading to this. As I slowly turn over, obeying her, She mounts me, and oil flows freely From her chest water-falling down And ending where our bodies meet.

I can no longer hold myself back; She knows the excitement is building; This glorious angel writhing atop of me Without a word she knows what I want. No one but her can read my mind so easily.

With each movement the excitement builds; Trying all I can to make the moment last. My body shakes and shudders; The climax is beyond all expectations.

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