Angel On My Arm
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Alone again at night
But as company I have

Angel On My Arm

Alone again at night But as company I have My thoughts and dreams And recent memories...

Lying atop the bed Wind gently blows from An open curtained window Cooling my body at rest.

Relaxing music fills the room With slow steady beats I try not to move My breath mimics her’s... An angel asleep on my arm

From inches away I watch Memorizing each feature Of a face I have grown So close to over mere months.

Her long eyelashes Rest gently on eyelids Which hide those eyes That stare deep into my soul.

Her welcoming lips at rest But beneath is her smile That with one flash Puts you under her spell. This angel asleep on my arm

Her own soft arm she rests Across my excited bare chest; I try to slow my breaths Lest she awake from her peace.

Her long dark hair flows Framing her angelic face; It blankets my arm In soft silken rushes.

Don’t want this moment to end; I could lie here forever but I know I must go and she must awake Back to earth I return but until then My angel asleep on my arm

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